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Going to High School

Information High Schools

As the parent of a high school student, you should be prepared to provide the school with certain documents.  These documents are required by the state.  In many cases, your studentís middle school will have these materials and will process them for you.


Information High Schools Provide to Parents

High schools provide information in a variety of ways.  Materials will be sent home with your student.  These will include local school and district policies, as well as calendars and sporting events schedules.  Information about current events will be posted on school signs and store bulletin boards.  Many high schools maintain web sites and homework hotlines.


FrequentlyAsked Questions

Do high schools have a dress code?
All schools have a dress code.  Generally, these policies are to ensure that the focus of the day is on learning.  Shoes and age-appropriate clothing are required.

What is a magnet high school?
Magnet high schools provide students with an opportunity to study a specialized field.  Some school districts have magnet schools that feature programs such as performing arts or broadcasting.  Others may provide academic-based programs like science or international business.  Admission to magnet programs is by audition or application.

Do students get to pick their locker?
Lockers are assigned by school personnel.  Sometimes lockers are assigned by homeroom.  In other schools, lockers are designated by class year or

May I sign up my student for classes with friends?
Students and friends can choose the same subjects.  The school administrators will decide which students are in each section or class.

Are there field trips in high school?
Students may take trips related to academic, technology/ career, or elective classes. Sporting events, competitions, performances, and club outings may also provide trip opportunities.

Do students buy textbooks or borrow them?
High schools generally provide textbooks and other necessary materials.  Some textbooks are available online. Schools also may provideorchestra music, foreign language workbooks, and lab materials.  You may find it helpful to purchase dictionaries and other supplemental materials.  The student must provide paper, pens, notebooks, and calculators.  The school will send home a list of materials during the first week of the term.

May students drive themselves to school?
High schools have bus service available to persons living in the district.  However, students with valid driverís licenses may drive to school.  High school policies pertaining to student driving vary from school to school.  Some schools have student parking lots and students register for parking permits.  In other schools, parking spaces are awarded based on class year and grades.  Some schools charge students for parking on campus or direct students to commercial parking lots located near the school.

Are students allowed to leave campus during lunch?
Most schools do not allow students to leave the campus at lunchtime.  Schools that have open enrollment, joint enrollment programs with other schools or have working students have special policies.

Is Driver's Ed offer at school?
Driver’s Education is frequently offered at high schools on weekends and in the summer.  However, this class does not count for graduation, and there is a fee.

Do students have to take Health and PE?
The high school graduation requirements for the state of Georgia require one unit of health and physical education.  In some districts, health and physical education classes are available in summer school.

Are tickets to school sporting events free?
Generally, there is a charge for these activities. However, many schools offer students a discount.

Do students take the SAT in the 9th grade?
Usually, students take the PSAT beginning in the 10th grade.  Students then take the SAT beginning in the 11th grade.  Your school counselor will have information for you and your student when it is time.

Do students have to take a foreign language?
All students are encouraged to take 2 units of a foreign language. Most colleges require foreign language credits for admissions.

What is the difference between an honors class and a regular class?
Honors classes are accelerated learning classes.  These classes may carry extra weight when computing a studentís grade point average (GPA) for high school graduation.

Are summer school and early graduation an option?
A variety of options, including summer school, joint enrollment and early college are open to you if you wish to graduate early.

Are cell phones allowed in school?
Generally, the use of cell phones is not allowed in high school classrooms.

Do students have to participate in a school-wide fundraiser?
High school students may participate in fund raising for activities and clubs of their choice.

What do students have to do to get the HOPE Scholarship?
Your student must graduate from a Georgia high school with a certain GPA in your core classes.  HOPE monies are available for study at eligible public and private postsecondary institutions in Georgia. Money is available for GED recipients, too.

Are there any eLearning opportunities available?
Some school districts have online high school educational opportunities.  Ask your local school administrators or contact the district office.

Do students have to take final exams?
Generally, the exam is part of the workload for the term.  Some schools allow seniors with high GPAs to skip final exams.


Contact a counselor at your school to receive more information and to discuss your options. The material contained in this pamphlet is current as of January 2013. For the most current information visit our web site: .


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